Nursing Homes

Nursing homes in America have been the traditional housing for our most of the frail population. In addition to our most frail population, nursing beds are often occupied by the poorest, oldest adults, since many have spent down their assets over the years for other forms of care. Medicaid funds, provided by the state, help pay for the cost for the neediest nursing care residents. Nursing care has traditionally been controlled by the state through a Certificate of Need (CON) process in the state where the nursing beds are located. The CON process is necessary to control the number of nursing beds within an area since Medicaid funds are often very limited.

Developers often "purchase" existing beds to combine with other senior housing to create a continuum of care on a senior housing site. VSI can analyze the market support for these beds both as private pay and under the Medicaid program. Further, identifying the share of residents in nursing beds within a proposed project's market area may be a source of support for assisted living. VSI can assist you with the multiple levels of senior housing.