VSI is intensely involved in the evaluation and analysis of retail markets, and we are keenly aware of the various nuances that exist. A comprehensive VSI retail market study considers all aspects of a given market. Within a specific market, we survey all shopping locations, their built/renovated dates, square footage, leasing and other associated costs, as well as overall design, including available parking and accessibility. We also assign a neighborhood rating and assess the general quality of each surveyed location. Further, VSI groups like retailers together into one of seven categories: Fashion, Home, Dining/Entertainment, Leisure, Convenience, General or Other. (When we determine that a retailer will be assigned to the Other category, VSI will always provide an explanation for this assignment.) A VSI retail market study also includes, but is not limited to, such other considerations as: area retail occupancy rates, average time occupied, rate of sales growth, customer draw, drive times and freestanding versus multi-tenant. Special neighborhoods, art districts, historic areas, waterfront properties, etc. are identified and given special consideration, as well. A thorough area population analysis is also completed. VSI determines population density per square mile; we provide an area renter to homeowner ratio and an area age and sex breakdown. Levels of education, occupations and incomes are likewise scrutinized.