VSI has completed a number of market feasibility studies structured specifically for the self-storage market. We establish a Primary Market Area (PMA) for the site proposed and confirm all competitors and the effective rents paid within the PMA. VSI identifies the total self-storage square footage and determines the amount of square footage actually vacant, as well as any square footage that may be planned for future development, in the PMA. Using a multiplier based on market conditions, VSI determines the optimum amount of self-storage square footage that the PMA can support. We ascertain area traffic patterns and the proposed project's likely visibility and identify all surrounding land uses. VSI collects all relevant data concerning area population and employment trends, including but not limited to: a breakdown of owner-to-renter households, household turnover, area average and median incomes, major area employers and employment and occupation concentration. This all-encompassing approach to data collection and analysis supplies the VSI analyst with the means necessary to provide our clients with concise conclusions and offer them authoritative, sound recommendations.