Student Housing

Today's college students have more disposable income than ever before; consequently, they and their parents expect well-appointed student housing. The type of student housing required is typically dictated by particular trends within the academic institution. VSI possesses specific expertise in this rapidly fluctuating market. When preparing a student housing study, we interview both on- and off-campus housing representatives. This methodology tends to yield far more accurate results than US Census data. Our analysis of supply also incorporates data provided by large-holding landlords not affiliated with the institution. An assessment of area rental housing waiting lists also contributes to the accuracy of our student housing studies, enabling us to precisely identify need, design concept and target price point for any proposed student housing project.

In 2008, staff of VSI was commissioned by Campus Partners, in association with off-campus landlords, to conduct a Sophomore Residency Study for the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University. View the summary of the report here.