VSI employs editors, production staff and support staff to ensure that each market study is of the utmost quality. VSI's staff has completed thousands of market studies nationwide.

Diane Rubadue - Office Manager

Diane Rubadue is the administrative assistant/office manager for VSI, Ltd. Ms. Rubadue was involved in the production of over 2,000 market feasibility studies. She also specializes in data entry and the management of database information (apartment, senior, condominium and subdivision). Previous employment in the real estate field includes the position of research associate for BuyNow Properties based in Columbus, Ohio. Ms. Rubadue holds a bachelor of arts degree in humanities from The Ohio State University.

Beverly Fisher - Production

Beverly Fisher is a production associate with 26 years experience in market feasibility. Ms. Fisher has overseen production on over 18,000 market studies for projects throughout the United States

Dawn Roebuck - Field Support

Dawn Roebuck is part of VSI's field support staff, specializing in research for senior and LIHTC studies. Ms. Roebuck also contributes to the continuous process of updating the company's database resources. She has an extensive background in customer service and administrative skills. Ms. Roebuck has an associate's degree in Secretarial Science and is currently taking courses in accounting.

Anita Travis - Economics & Field Support

Anita Travis is a member of VSI's field support team, specializing in economic research. She has conducted research on markets across the nation, compiling reports on changes in local economies that can impact the viability of housing development. She regularly works to gather data on city or county economies and conducts interviews with area officials to determine economic trends. Her experience includes eight years working with Residential Appraisals & Real Estate. Ms. Travis holds Degrees from Ohio University and The Ohio State University.

Zach Reese - Field Support

Zach Reese is a member of the support staff, specializing in Visual Basic programming and development. He has the ability to create computer macros used to automate advanced calculations, as well as the production of various reports. Mr. Reese has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The Ohio State University.

Additional Contacts:

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